2015 Speaking Schedule

Simon Senzon will lecture at lyceum, Yale, NY Council, and IRAPS

The first one is Sherman’s Lyceum. The talk is on Friday, May 1st at 4pm. The topic is Ratledge and Drain: Chiropractic Philosophers Extraordinaire! Please come.

In early June, I will have the honor speak on the campus of Yale at the second annual conference of the Society for Consciousness Studies. The talk will be a tribute Eugene Taylor, one of my instructors in graduate school. Professor Taylor authored Shadow Culture and taught at Yale for many years. He helped me to understand the emergence of chiropractic’s philosophy in the context of American history and the history of ideas. I published several papers originally written for his courses such as A History of the Mental Impulse and BJ Palmer’s Model of Consciousness.

This fall I will speak at the NY Chiropractic Council Convention on Friday, October 17th.

On October 10th, I will give the keynote address at IRAPS (International Research and Philosophy Symposium). The topic is The Future of Subluxation.

Please consider submitting an abstract to present a paper at IRAPS. It is always so rewarding to share the stage with passionate leaders who value intellectual rigor in philosophy and science. Abstracts for IRAPS are due May 1st.

My time has been filled lately with recording hours of new online courses. Stay tuned.

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