TIC and 2019


The Institute Chiropractic in 2018 was just extraordinary. Not only were we able to produce dozens of hours of new online content but we just published Palmer Chiropractic Green Books: The Definitive Guide, ten new papers were accepted on the chiropractic vertebral subluxation (1897-1997) and will be published soon, new groundbreaking research is underway, and our membership has continued to grow! Thank you for all of your support. 

Coming in 2019

Two new series of lectures are in development for TIC Members. Each series will be four months in length. The format will include a 20 minute lecture each week, the latest content (the new book and articles), and a robust discussion forum at TIC. The first series will focus on the Green Books and is based on the first sixteen chapters of the book. (Click here for an Introduction to the book.) The second series includes a history of vertebral subluxation theory in chiropractic. Both series will build on previous content already available at TIC and for chiropractic continuing education credit. 

Also this year, we will be increasing our CE offerings and giving several live talks including one of the keynote lectures at Barcelona Chiropractic College, a lecture on Innate Intelligence in the Literature at the Society for Consciousness Studies Spring conference at Yale, and a full seminar in Paris (first weekend of October). More events to be announced soon.

The future looks bright for the chiropractic profession. Help us to lead the way. Join TIC Today!

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