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Philosophy in Practice: Barry Hobbs

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Dialogue with Barry Hobbs

January 17, 2024

Essential TIC Tips:

  • Share core concepts with patients from day one
    • Innate intelligence
    • Safety pin cycle
  • Consistently educate patients on chiropractic principles
    • During adjustments and interactions in the office
  • Use analogies and relatable examples
    • Alignment of spine like alignment of car
    • Chiropractor as electrician or architect
  • Hold periodic health classes
    • Dive deeper into chiropractic philosophy and principles
  • Avoid diluting care with ancillary treatments
    • Keep it pure chiropractic
  • Communicate chiropractic’s unique purpose clearly
    • Express the role of innate, nerves, and the adjustment
  • Honor the early pioneers through your practice
    • Carry on the lineage and principles in your work