The Chiropractic Literature

The chiropractic literature is a chronicle of the chiropractic profession. 

Very few books, articles, and web pages have been subjected to critical analysis. This is reflective of a general lack of scholarship in the profession. Publishing is limited to a very small group, mostly academics. Going back through the literature, with an emphasis on the most well-cited papers and books is the focus of this wiki.

Each document will be analyzed using the 7 criteria for a critical approach as described by McAulay, in 2005.

The criteria are:

  • Accuracy: true, correct, exact
  • Clarity: appropriate use of citations
  • Precision: definitively or strictly stated
  • Relevance: practical value, applicable
  • Depth (Completeness): complexity, dimensionality
  • Breadth: full spectrum of thinking on the subject
  • Logical Consistency: points are linked together to form a logical conclusion
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