Keating’s Timelines

One of Joe Keating’s most important contributions to the chiropractic profession was his timelines. Starting around 1996, Keating compiled his historical notes and documents into large pdf files including pictures, letters, correspondence, and personal contact information. The first ones include Keating’s address in California. By 1998 (during the eighth wave) these documents were attributed to Keating’s National Institute of Chiropractic Research based in Arizona. Many of the timelines were used as source files for Keating’s historical articles. 

In 2004, Keating gave permission to Simon Senzon to post all of it. Several of the timelines are posted here at The Institute Chiropractic with all personal contact information removed. In 2006, Keating gave permission for Simon Senzon to include the D.D. Palmer timeline in his book The Secret History of Chiropractic. Since then, we have learned a great deal more about D.D. Palmer’s life and work. In fact, in the last few years our knowledge of D.D. Palmer has quadrupled.

The timelines can be broken down into three broad categories: 

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