The Eighth Wave of Chiropractic Ideas 1997-2017

The eighth wave of chiropractic ideas 1997-2017 was a rich time for the profession. Several new books on philosophy, history, and theory were published from Ian Coulter, David Koch, Rob Sinnott, Joe StraussCharles and Marion Masarsky, Christopher Kent, and recent books by David Serio, Matthew McCoy and Anthony Carino. The Institute Chiropractic published several new books by Timothy Faulkner, Stevan Walton, Rolf Peters, Joaquin Valdivia Tor, and Simon Senzon.

Another important book from this period was A History of Chiropractic Education in North America by Joe Keating, Carl Cleveland, and Alana Callender. The book mapped out the history of infighting within the profession, the rise of the educational system, and the accreditation wars. A more recent look at the accreditation battles using a developmental perspective including the Litigious Period was published by Simon Senzon.

The literature from the eighth wave is varied and complex. Some of the more contentious and problematic articles will be addressed in blog posts and future writings. A veritable renaissance of chiropractic ideas occurred during this period along with an explosion of new historical information. One of the real challenges is to interpret the literature from a well-informed and relatively balanced or even Integral perspective.

Some of the most compelling analysis and observations of the profession during this era came from Rolf Peters and Mary Ann Chance in their roles as co-editors of the Chiropractic Journal of Australia. In their editorials they reviewed a wide spectrum of important aspects of the profession such as preventative and maintenance care in respect to insurance, chiropractic identity and clinical diversity, on writing, the World Federation of Chiropractic Identity Task Force, the importance of subluxation, historical schisms in the profession, defining chiropractic, chiropractic research, and B.J. Palmer’s legacy for modern times.

Simon Senzon’s books and articles during the eighth wave pioneered several new approaches including an integral approach to history and biography, an historical approach to the history of ideas, an all quadrant approach to the philosophy of chiropractic, a philosophical context for various worldviews in chiropractic, a developmental approach to chiropractic professionalization, and an overall Integral map for the profession. Senzon has also helped Donald Epstein to launch the Reorganizational paradigm in the literature.

The Gen/Wave Model incorporates all of Senzon’s contributions and is the cornerstone of The Institute Chiropractic courses. TIC Members are trained to learn how to apply these new approaches to further the chiropractic profession.

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