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Additional consideration of vertebral malpositioning arises from the time element in the physiological adaptation of the organism to its environment. In a slowly developing scoliosis over several years there are osseous changes at the foramina with recession of the pedicles so that in a severe scoliosis the pairs of inter-vertebral foramina have almost identical areas but different shapes. 

An acute subluxation which has been greatly distorted and then not properly re-positioned will slowly undergo a similar series of adaptative changes over the years and become asymptomatic. A sudden reversal or straightening of this spine, therefore, introduces a new unstable pathogenic condition. One of the major problems confronting any chiropractor is the evaluation of the relative importance of the varied aberrations of normal body mechanics. It is common knowledge among chiropractors that a gross mechanical displacement is frequently producing very few symptoms while an almost imperceptible subluxation in excellent mechanical alignment can be initiating a vast complex of serious pathological changes.

Previously in this book we detailed three classes of injury, “nerve insult”, which apply directly to three classes of subluxations:

a. a simple sprain of an inter-vertebral articulation which induces almost no neurological upset but only a rapid adaptation and uneventful recovery either “spontaneously” or with minimal care.

b. a sprain, major or minor, which shocks the sensorial CONVERSATIONAL TONE enough to initiate a widespread neuropathy. Circumstances are often such that the neuropathy becomes a vicious, self-perpetuating entity with extensive ramification to continue long after the original sprained articulation has recovered.

c. an adaptative spinal distortion which arises reflexly from the neuropathy previously initiated. This distortion may be symptom-free except for minor local symptoms or it may in turn become a full-fledged symptomatic subluxation initiating additional neuropathy to repeat this b-c, b-c circle.

The comparison and evaluation of degree of this very condition is one of the primary reasons for this entire research program.


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