Posture can well be defined as a “spatial adaptation of the human body to its environment”. A portion of this environment is the force of gravity against which our muscles are in constant antagonism. The only way one can achieve a zero gravity conflict is either to be almost totally immersed in water or else floating in space. Neither is practical. Our adaptations to the force of gravity are influenced greatly by psychological attitude already mentioned as well as by the mechanical adaptability within the neuromuscular operation of the skeletal structure. The pain of an acute subluxation or of an acute partial disc herniation will force a person into a bizarre posture to minimize pain. Some adolescent individuals are unable to stand fully erect because of inter-scapular pain which may be quite easily correctable with a few adjustments. Others assume the same posture for psychological reasons of conformity to average height. These few generalities open many fields for investigation. One area is the mechanics of articulation between individual vertebrae.


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