We have attempted to introduce the physiological background adequately to understand our conclusions from this research project. Fortunately the technical breakthrough by closely monitoring two variables has in fact given us results previously denied as possible by physicists and physiologists. We are quite aware that these areas will be challenged and will require us to present much more supporting data. This is planned in the form of successive appendices of which several can be added to this expanding binder. Some of these data will be from your field reports.

As with any new scientific advance there will be challenges to the authority for conclusions. The bibliography lists much supporting evidence but we cannot progress forever on well-worn highways. Trail blazing must be done in several areas. For this we accept full responsibility. Undoubtedly many refinements will be made over the years but we are proud of the status of our present endeavor.

To you who are now joining us in this investigation please do not expect a bed of roses with no thorns. This work does become frustrating at times as did Edison’s work with lamp filaments. Our enthusiasm and joy in advancing the sciences of neurophysiology and of chiropractic is making the effort justifiable. You too will find a great satisfaction with this work.

In summary this is a presentation of the most accurate and by far the most penetrating insight into the total individual neural integrity. We are thus able to explain the “miraculous” recovery which at times follows minimal adjusting in an area remote from the symptom center. We now are able to see the collapse of neural integrity immediately preceding the occasional relapse following a normal adjustment. As such we can now compare all prior evaluation of patient management with myriad diagnostic procedures to stumbling in the twilight. The searchlight now available in vasomotor monitoring is a great leap forward. We welcome you into this trailblazing effort to help in a united effort of refinement. You will find great satisfaction in your accomplishments.


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