While this book is published under the auspices of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, and no author is listed, credit must be given A.R. Petersen, D.C, who contributed the bulk of the material. His early laborious work of reading manuscripts on neuro-dynamics and vascular physiology, his diligence in organizing the material, his ultimate discovery of the spinal neuropathy, and his vision of scientific practice for the profession, merits the approval of the entire Chiropractic profession.

Other contributors are:

John Dickins, D.C., for early writings.
Mr. Bruce Vaughn, student of Chiropractic, for early drawings.
Mr. Frank Pierce, engineering.
Harry H. Andrews, M.D., consultant.
Mr. Dave Drum, Chiropractic student for the art work in this book.
G.M. Gleeson, D.C., clinic studies.
Dr. John Killingbeck, physicist: consultant.
R.J. Watkins, D.C., certain sections on the nervous system.
Herbert M. Himes, D.C., philosophical interpretation of the scientific concept.

There are other contributors, too numerous to mention, who read, corrected, made suggestions, and in other ways made this effort possible. To all of the above, we of CMCC offer our thanks.



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