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Rehabilitation Laboratory

There is some confusion in the chiropractic literature about the BJ Palmer Chiropractic Clinic’s Rehab Lab. This page was developed to dispel the myths and set the record straight. As you can see from the quotes below, B.J. Palmer had a unique perspective on rehab. He felt that the roll of rehab was for the patient to “digest the energies” released after the adjustment. The rehab was Innate-driven and thus philosophically consistent with the chiropractic paradigm developed by D.D. Palmer.

This Clinic is premised on two vital principles:

1. The cause is within, the cure is within. It is necessary to accurately locate the cause and efficiently correct it, that the cure life forces within may be liberated to bring back health.

2. Rehabilitation of the part which has long been in dis-use. This cannot be done by external manipulation, such as massage. It must be done by internal use by patient himself. (v.20, p.34)

Chiropractic Only

“Some who see these illustrations, not knowing the character of their use, get the impression that we may or do use other methods than Chiropractic.” (Clinic Magazine, 1945)

Specific Adjusting

“Complete reliance is placed in the SPECIFIC vertebral subluxation, adjusting at right place, at right time, in right manner, after such has been ascertained by our exhaustive laboratory examinations and tests.” (Clinic Magazine, 1945)

“Human Elements”

“They receive at the Clinic love, kindness, abundant opportunities to rest, relax, and to enjoy themselves; over-adjusting is kept to a bare minimum if at all; medicine is usually denied them; educational facilities are accessible as well as a rehabilitation lab. Since most people thrive better on attention, the Clinic offers it in deluge. Are not these influential factors? Regardless of what scientific experiments are conducted or by whom, the human elements can never be dissociated with the end products.” (v.28, p.763)

No Electrical Devices

“No electrical treating devices, adjuncts, modalities, methods, or systems ever have been or will be used in The B.J. Palmer Chiropractic Clinic.” (Clinic Magazine, 1945)

2000 Gallon Tank

“Fish are one of the most interesting forms of life people can study. People go into “Rehab Lab” in our Clinic and sit by the hour studying antics of fish of various kinds.” (v.24, p.75)

Arm Developer

“At no time, in no way, do we use any therapeutic apparatus on any case.” (Clinic Magazine, 1945)


“Each piece of equipment is designed to do one particular phase of work.” (Clinic Magazine, 1945)

Internal Power Directed

“All equipment must be patient directed by internal power of case.” (Clinic Magazine, 1945)

Clinic Gardens

“Today we have a Clinic Gardens of which we are proud. Two pools of 40,000 gallons with large gold fish and aquatic plants, recesses for patients to sit and lounge and rest their sick bodies. We gave everything a touch of high color which makes it as attractive to the eye as it is for the body.” (v.22, p.386)

Little Bit Of Heaven

“We began working on A Little Bit O, Heaven in the spring of 1923. It was opened to the public on July 1, 1924. The builder, since May 1, 1909, has traveled some one million, three hundred thousand miles. The many things you have seen were secured during these trips abroad, in the Orient and around the world.” (v.22, 1949)

Shoulder & Back Developer

“Paralysis in any form, in any part of the body, is produced because of the reduced or abnormal amount of nerve force reaching muscles, causing them to act abnormally and without control.” (Clinic Magazine, 1945)

Leg Pull

“Once the vertebral subluxation has been adjusted, the normal quantity of mental impulse supply permitted to flow freely and naturally to paralyzed muscles, it is then up to the patient to digest that energy by working the paralyzed parts. To this end this equipment is an incentive.” (Clinic Magazine, 1945)

Human Powered

“Only bit of equipment which is electrically power driven is the riding horse and this is seldom used.” (Clinic Magazine, 1945)


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