The Second Wave of Chiropractic Ideas 1908-1915

The second wave of chiropractic ideas 1908-1915 was the period when D.D. Palmer’s two books were published. D.D. Palmer died in 1913. Some of D.D. Palmer’s more philosophical writings were captured in Simon Senzon’s Secret History of Chiropractic.

By this wave several of his students and their students published books on chiropractic. Leading theorists included B.J. Palmer, Joy Loban, John Howard, Shegetaro Morikubo, Alva Gregory, Willard Carver, and Jim Firth

Rolf Peters and Mary Ann Chance chronicled some of the highlights from these years like 1908 and 1912 and also the The Searby Saga. Peters’ book includes a detailed history of the Palmer School during these years. (The Palmer archives digitized the 1908 school announcement. and the program from the First Annual Lyceum in 1914.)

One of the most important individuals from this period was Tom Morris. Morris’ life was an amazing American story.

Several courses focus on the history of ideas during this time period. TIC MEMBERS may access courses on A History of Subluxation Theories, Analysis of B.J. Palmer’s first books, as well as detailed lectures on all of the early leaders.

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