Chiropractic Ideas: 1897-1927

The first three waves of chiropractic ideas established the foundation of the profession. During the first wave (1897-1907), chiropractic was launched and the chiropractic paradigm was established. This resulted in D.D. Palmer’s tutelage of the first students. Some of them went on to found their own schools and write their own texts. There was even controversy in those early years when D.D. Palmer’s leadership of the young profession was challenged. During the second wave (1908-1915), two other paradigms took root within the profession; the middle chiropractic paradigm and the medical chiropractic paradigm. This period also witnessed the beginnings of many new chiropractic theories, more complex subluxation theories, the introduction of x-ray analysis into the young profession as well as the first chiropractic licensing laws. The third wave of chiropractic ideas (1916-1927) was punctuated by new textbooks and intensified intraprofessional rivalry, as well as the introduction of thermography to detect and analyze vertebral subluxation.

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