TICVLOG Episode 7 Frequency and History

In TIC VLOG Episode 7, I answer a question about the history of adjustment frequency.

Understanding the original protocols of the chiropractic pioneers gives modern chiropractic practice a new perspective.

This is especially relevant because of the literature. Several recent articles have used a 1902 ad from B.J. Palmer, to try and discredit modern practices. In this TIC VLOG, I explain why that approach is deeply flawed.

Chiropractors need to understand the evolution of theories from D.D. Palmer’s earliest approaches to B.J. Palmer’s final theories and practices. We also need to integrate key moments in the history of chiropractic practice such as Drain’s and Craven’s contributions to chronic and acute care. Frequency models continually evolved between the 1930s and the 1990s.

These foundational historical facts and ideas give us a common basis through which we might dialogue.


  • D.D. Palmer proposed yearly chiropractic analysis in 1897.
  • B.J. Palmer’s models of care frequency evolved from 1902 into the 1950s. Any use of his ideas should include those facts.
  • Several articles in the literature use a B.J. Palmer ad from 1902, out of context from the rest of his life, to make a point about modern practice.
  • J.R. Drain pioneered acute and chronic adjusting protocols.
  • The 3-2-1 frequency model probably emerged from the Parker Seminars in the 1980s.
  • Epstein’s frequency model from the late 1990s was based on the findings from two qualitative studies (retrospective and longitudinal).

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  1. Simon, good as usual.

    When I read Lerner, I thought the whole tone was anti Palmer, and bordering anti chiropractic. Didn’t he imply that BJ was in a hypnotic state his whole life.

    Who are the proponents of the pro-Langworthy history? Non Palmer Grads, medical historians?

    I think if you discredit DD and BJ you discredit all of the profession and therefore make it look like a historical quirk among many healthcare movements. Mesmerism, the Kellog brothers, etc.

    Didn’t the Lerner report have all the pages re Dave Palmer missing by the way – not that this is relevant to ur paper. If so where can I get a complete Lerner report, I would like to re-read it.

    Remember, If u can marginalize their leader, then u can marginalize their movement. Recent years have seen scholarly works saying Jesus, had a brother, was married etc. In Politics, the founding fathers, Columbus, all are being redefined, by those who have some skin in the game.

    Keep at it, usually to combat a negative, u have to put out 10 positives. 10 papers? good luck

    RHK DC

    Go BJ and DD!

  2. Thank you Simon for an outstanding post! It is important to root out historical incongruencies especially when popular thought of today is based on them.

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