The chiropractic profession is transforming.

The profession is being steered away from the original chiropractic paradigm. As Nobel Laureate, Bob Dylan once wrote, “This is not our fate,” the current direction can be changed.

How can we, as a community of engaged, caring, and concerned professionals, help to guide the transformation from within the original paradigm? That is a question at the heart of The Institute Chiropractic (TIC).

The mission of TIC is to help direct the trajectory of chiropractic’s future.

The first step for TIC was to begin this professional course correction with knowledge. The goal was to make sure that a core group of chiropractors share the same set of facts. The hope was that a large enough group, sharing a new interpretive framework for those facts, would begin to impact the profession. We have achieved this, although the core is not yet large enough for the impact required to change the profession’s trajectory.

The next phase of TIC will be more radical, more insightful, and comprehensive. To consciously transform the profession, we recognize that many of us will have to transform our selves. After all, we are the profession.

What is it about us, our blind spots, our actions, and the limits of our current perspectives that is holding the profession back from reclaiming the discourse and the profession itself? After all, the profession may be devolving before our eyes. It is time for radical action.

B.J. Palmer warned us this would happen a hundred years ago! In 1922 he wrote,

Chiropractic has become a more diluted thing today than ever before. The mixer is in the ascendancy and he practically controls the most of the associations, exhibits, legislation and licenses. Let this state of affairs go on fifty years and. “Chiropractic” will be a mongrel of the worst character and be as dead then as osteopathy is now…

THERE HAS BEEN A NEUTRALIZATION OF CHIROPRACTIC BY “CHIROPRACTORS” TOO LONG… We have found we cannot change him, that he has been deliberately flying under OUR CHIROPRACTIC name because it is the winning name in the eyes of the public.

B.J.’s strategy back then was to kick them out, take over their boards, and take back what was pure. By this, he meant the definition of chiropractic before chiropractors applied the name of chiropractic to a wide range of various therapies and therapeutic foci. His strategy failed — big time.

B.J. realized he couldn’t “change him.” At TIC, we fully acknowledge that same truth. We can, however, change us.

At TIC, we are using a complex long-term strategy based on the latest research into human meaning-making. After all, we make meaning of our worlds. When the external forces grow too complex, we adapt and develop more complex logics. We grow, we evolve, we transform — this is how development works.

Development is Innate in action.

The original theory that Educated Intelligence is an outgrowth of Innate has been scientifically proven. One of the leading researchers in developmental science, Suzanne Cook-Greuter, writes, “There is an Innate drive from ignorance to mature wisdom.” The research of the last forty years demonstrates this.

TIC may be the first professional organization in history with the intent to use developmental science to deliberately develop its members so that they could develop their profession. In his recent book, another leading researcher, Robert Kegan, refers to this as a deliberately developmental organization or a DDO.

TIC is a DDO.

B.J. Palmer did figure out how to inspire many and pass on a certain kind of crazy wisdom, as did his father. However, their styles of teaching are lost, and their texts are difficult to read for many.

To make the task easier and valuable for the profession and you personally, TIC is taking up the flame and going beyond anything the founders could have envisioned.

We now have social media, online databases, developmental research, dynamical systems computer analysis, and greater understanding of the body. While they had deep insights about chiropractic and life itself that was ahead of its time, we have the benefit of being alive now.

There is a unique opportunity right now, but we need each other to enact it.

The Four Levels of Professional Transformation

Our plan at TIC is to help direct this transformation on four levels simultaneously.

  • The Personal Level (each one of us deliberately developing our selves)
  • The Practice Level (each one of us thriving in ethical, contemporary subluxation-based practices)
  • The Professional Level (learning, publishing, researching, networking organizations, and social media)
  • The Planetary Level (Intra-professional, cultural, and societal impact)
The Personal Level

The first level involves you. You are the hub of the chiropractic wheel. For you, we are developing new courses, lectures, and resources. These will emphasize insights and practices about your evolution based on tried methods and sound science. We are rolling out a new five-week module called Personal and Professional Transformation!

Elements will include:

  • Daily practices for wellbeing
  • Depth practices for breaking through
  • Insights into taking action, every day
  • Tools to deal with issues like feeling stuck, frustration, stress, and anxiety (including the suggestion that psychotherapy is a powerful modern tool to integrate the shadow-elements of personality)
  • How to use developmental research on yourself to transform
  • Essential understandings of consciousness research and states of consciousness

The Practice Level

TIC members regularly comment that the courses already posted (more than 100 hours of content) build confidence in your “why.” Understanding your roots in a meaningful way that applies to your daily practice comes across to patients as confidence and expertise. We plan to build on this foundation by giving you tools to be prosperous and successful in practice. (We are not planning on offering practice building content such as scripts, paperwork, or specific systems – we focus on the foundational tools needed to use those effectively.) The new five-week module, soon to be rolled out, will help you jumpstart your practice and your life. Other unique benefits of being a TIC Member will include:

  • Highlights of case studies; historical and recent (although On Purpose is a MUST for grasping the current literature)
  • We are developing several short historical and philosophical video clips that are relevant for patients today that will be usable for your practice
  • Usable content for email newsletters about a variety of wellbeing and chiropractic topics
  • Methods on how to get things done and stay focused and present in the moment
  • How to use developmental research to grow your practice as a DDO
    • by nurturing the development of your team and 
    • to communicate more effectively with patients, the public, and your team

The Professional Level

Learning together, we transform together. TIC continues to pioneer a new critical approach to the chiropractic literature. This approach includes publishing in peer-reviewed journals, respectfully holding subluxation deniers accountable, publishing textbooks, conducting and supporting research, identifying incorrect discourse, pursuing Ph.D. level research, collaborating with other researchers, and networking with other organizations. New plans include:

  • Development and launch of www.chiropracticwiki.com
  • New courses, lectures, and videos released monthly
  • New CE courses going live (for the US and Canada)
  • Launch of the TIC Fellowship three-year training program
  • Become part of the TIC Member Professional Update, an annual report on the academic and professional contributions of TIC members
  • Development of a social media app to build on the TIC Forums and expand to become the leading place to be (online) in the profession

The Planetary Level

By transforming our lives, our practices, and the profession, we transform the world. You will learn to use insights gained from the other three levels to impact the planet. This level of TIC will emphasize the academic discourse beyond chiropractic, the intersection of chiropractic with healthcare, and an acknowledgment that the profession plays a unique role in the world. The goal is a significant global impact.


Our goal – we need 1,000 members.

When we started TIC, we posted D.D. Palmer’s call, from 1909, for 1,000 students. It seemed like an excellent goal. After all, the Renaissance involved about 1,000 people.

The professional transformation must include you, your life, your focus as an individual, a chiropractor, a member of this profession, and a human in this world.

To support TIC to achieve the vision, to partner with other organizations, to implement new research, to develop a social app, to continue to create high-level courses and publications, and expand our research programs join today.

Membership includes more than a hundred hours of content, all new courses, discussion forums, and the latest breakthroughs on research, as well as discount online CE programs for the US and Canada. *It is possible we could apply for CE in other countries if there is demand.

Student Membership includes all benefits of the TIC Membership as well as mentorship with some of the leading chiropractors in the profession through online dialogue. Also, suggested readings and short online lectures to supplement and integrate coursework at school.


  • Become a TIC Fellow: $1,500 per year for three years.
    • To officially become a TIC Fellow:
      • Receive coaching to publish a peer-reviewed paper
      • Complete all readings and courses at TIC
      • Contribute to the community through leading discussions
      • Present a paper at a peer-reviewed conference
    • Pre-pay TIC Fellowship program: $3,500 (for three years)
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