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Simon Senzon talks with Joe Foley about several of Joe’s recent papers on D.D. Palmer’s life and writings. Dr. Foley is one of the leading authorities on D.D. Palmer’s books. His research is helping to reshape the discipline of history in chiropractic.


  • Foley J,M. D.D. Palmer’s Second Book The Chiropractor 1914-Revealed. Chiro Hist. 2016;36(2):72-86.
  • Foley, J.M (w/ Valdivia, J.) T4 vs C2: Examining the conflicting statements of D.D. Palmer and B.J. Palmer regarding the Harvey Lillard adjustment. Chiro Hist. 2016;35(2):68-79.
  • Foley, J.M. Book Review: An early history of chiropractic; The Palmers and Australia by Rolf Peters. Chiro Hist.  2016;35(2):93.
  • Foley J.M. (w/ Faulkner, T.) The Science, Art and Philosophy of Chiropractic by D.D. Palmer: Identification and Rarity of Editions in Print with a Survey of Original Copies. Chiro Hist. 2015;35(1):36-45.
  • Foley J,M. D.D. Palmer and Phrenology. Chiro Hist. 2011;31(1):49-58.
  • Foley J,M. D.D. Palmer and Phrenology, letter to the editor. Chiro Hist. 2011;31(2):7-9.
  • Foley J,M. The Founder of Chiropractic Consistently Kept Things Secret. Chiro Hist. 2005;25(2):47-48.
  • Foley J,M. A Brief glimpse into the Early Life of Dr. Dave Palmer. Chiro Hist. 2003;23(1):33-38.

(Reprinted by permission of the Association for the History of Chiropractic.)

  1. Hi Simon,
    I’m speechless and grateful that you amongst the very few are preserving and refining/evolving our collective knowledge and wisdom. Thank you, what a profound legacy! Exciting!!

  2. Simon, your ever-more-substantive body of work is one of the most amazing contributions to our profession that I have seen. The connection with the great thinkers (and doers) of the past is incredibly valuable. I hope the schools acquaint themselves with the history in a far more meaningful way, made possible because of your work, and integrate it into their curriculums. For the everyday chiropractor working away on his/her tables, these books are invaluable. Thankyou!

  3. Thank you so very much for this body of work. I shall look forward to many hours of delicious reading . Every adjustment I deliver stands on a foundation of chiropractic philosophy and these books will shine a clear light for those who are yet to understand the power of what they do in their everyday practice .
    Dr Suzi Hearn

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