TIC Dialogue: Thom Gelardi and Simon Senzon

In this TIC Dialogue, Thom Gelardi and Simon Senzon discuss several chiropractic topics over the course of three hours.  The topics ranged from Thom’s only meeting with B.J. Palmer in the 1950s, his private practice, his mentor, Lyle Sherman, as well as other events of history and politics. The most distinct element of the dialogue is Thom’s unwavering philosophical viewpoint that professions are defined by their mission.

This short clip from the discussion is about the different paradigm, or what Gelardi refers to as missions. The chiropractic mission is distinct. The medical mission too is distinct. Over the course of chiropractic history, there was once a clash between “straights” and “mixers.” Starting in the 1970s, that paradigm clash focused on the role of diagnosis and analysis in chiropractic practice.

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  1. Hi Simon,
    I’m speechless and grateful that you amongst the very few are preserving and refining/evolving our collective knowledge and wisdom. Thank you, what a profound legacy! Exciting!!

  2. Simon, your ever-more-substantive body of work is one of the most amazing contributions to our profession that I have seen. The connection with the great thinkers (and doers) of the past is incredibly valuable. I hope the schools acquaint themselves with the history in a far more meaningful way, made possible because of your work, and integrate it into their curriculums. For the everyday chiropractor working away on his/her tables, these books are invaluable. Thankyou!

  3. Dr Suzi Hearn

    Thank you so very much for this body of work. I shall look forward to many hours of delicious reading . Every adjustment I deliver stands on a foundation of chiropractic philosophy and these books will shine a clear light for those who are yet to understand the power of what they do in their everyday practice .
    Dr Suzi Hearn

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