The Spiritual Writings of B.J. Palmer


B.J. Palmer’s writings were decades ahead of today’s body, mind, and spirit approaches to health and healing. As a chiropractic leader from 1906 to 1961, B.J. Palmer was a pioneer of a new way of viewing the world. Palmer’s philosophy described an innate intelligence within every living being, which was a part of the universal intelligence. This intelligence could be expressed as health especially after a chiropractic adjustment. On the mental level, the innate could be tapped as a source of wisdom and genius. And on the spiritual level, one could be in cosmic harmony with the universe. B.J. Palmer’s green books are a key to understanding healing, spirituality, intuition, and chiropractic.

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The Spiritual Writings of B.J. Palmer

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B.J. Palmer was a visionary and a philosopher. He developed the science, art, and philosophy of chiropractic for close to sixty years. His writings represent a fascinating view into this remarkable man. The 10th anniversary edition is a true contribution to the literature on chiropractic.

“Dr. Senzon has written the first serious analysis of B. J.’s writings from a spiritual perspective. Senzon puts his Masters in philosophy and doctoral work to good use in taking a deep, rigorous look at the metaphysical side of B. J.’s work. Students of B. J. and of chiropractic history will enjoy the way Senzon has gathered relevant quotes together in a coherent form. Those interested in scholarly analysis of the philosophy of chiropractic will get great value from Senzon’s insightful commentaries at the end of the book. A “must read” for students of the philosophy of chiropractic, and in my opinion the definitive treatment of the spiritual side of chiropractic philosophy.” – Brian McAulay, DC, PhD, President, Parker University

“It is rare that we are given the opportunity to follow any person’s spiritual voyage into the mystical realms of saints and healers. B.J. Palmer, however, shared this remarkable journey with us through 8,000 pages of writings between 1949 and 1961. Simon Senzon has done the work of making these easily accessible by sifting through the great mass of work and lifting out the gems of wisdom that are the markers of Palmer’s extraordinary passage. Thank you Dr. Senzon!” – Allan Combs, PhD, author of Consciousness Explained Better and The Radiance of Being.

“The Spiritual Writings of B.J. Palmer gave me fresh insights into the life of this remarkable man. More significantly, it shows how big an idea chiropractic is. An added treat is the collection of photographs contained in the book. I’m sure you will enjoy it.” – Christopher Kent, DC, President, Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation Research

“Simon beautifully depicts B.J.’s search for spiritual truth and wisdom. It is a must read for every chiropractor. It is one of the most significant works in historic and philosophical development of our profession.” – Peter Kevorkian, DC, President, International Chiropractic Pediatric Association & Patti Giuliano, DC, Board of Academy of Family Practice

“Dr. Senzon’s book is timely, considering the move in health care towards addressing spiritual issues and mind/body medicine. There are few books that explore these topics for our profession to look to, so his book is must reading for chiropractic students, faculty, and practitioners.” – Matthew McCoy, DC, editor Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research

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Tenth Anniversary Edition


Integral Altitude, Inc.


November 16, 2014








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