Success, Health, and Happiness: The Epigrams of B.J. Palmer


The epigrams of B.J. Palmer were inspirational gems about living life to the fullest. For the first time in ninety years, Palmer’s wisest and funniest sayings and aphorisms have been organized. The book sorts B.J. Palmer’s epigrams into topics like success, greatness, leadership, advertising, and Innate. These quotes are an essential piece of chiropractic’s history as they covered the walls of chiropractic’s first college. Dr. Senzon has emphasized the practical and the spiritual sides of B.J. Palmer. The book includes an Integral biography of Palmer, as well as excerpts from Palmer’s green books. His final writings on “That Special Something,” “Finding Yourself,” and “Listening to the voice within,” were essential to B.J. Palmer’s philosophy.

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Epigrams of B.J. Palmer

“Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”
“He that bloweth not his own horn, for him shall no horn be blown.”
“Sick people pray for power when thru us would flow a universal power if we would permit it.”
“Be sure you’re right – then force the fight.”

“Why these epigrams?
What is before you, is seen.
What is being seen, is read.
What is being read, is thot.
What is being thot, is acted.
What is acted, is YOU.”

What people are saying about the book:

“A stroke of genius, a great bounty to many. Success, Health, and Happiness: The Epigrams of B.J. Palmer will introduce another generation to a work that has influenced the lives of thousands over the years.” – Thom Gelardi, DC founder and past-president of Sherman College of Chiropractic

“What a pleasure to read the wisdom and wit of such an exceptional mind! Simon Senzon captures an unbelievable depth with these short sayings of B.J. Palmer. Over 50+ years before Twitter, Palmer was capturing the essence of communication in short verse. This book is truly an inspirational experience to read!” – Dan Lemberger, DC, Wiseworld Seminars

From the Introduction

“Success, health, and happiness were at the heart of B.J. Palmer’s (1882-1961) life and teachings. The epigrams of B.J. Palmer, painted everywhere on the walls of his campus embody this. The epigrams represent the wisdom, insight, and humor of one of America’s greatest geniuses and luminaries from the twentieth century.” – Simon Senzon

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