Ratledge Philosophy Volume 1


Tullius de Florence Ratledge, DC, was one of D.D. Palmer’s final students of chiropractic. Palmer died in 1913, several months after teaching a lecture series at the Ratledge School in Los Angeles. Ratledge’s extraordinary career as a chiropractor for over 70 years included teaching for 50 years as well as championing chiropractic in California and around the United States. He was a pioneer of non-therapeutic chiropractic and developed his philosophical approach to chiropractic based on the teachings of his mentors, Willard Carver and D.D. Palmer.

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Ratledge Philosophy Volume 1

“The explanation and description of chiropractic coverage is endless. It incorporates all that relates to the human body, in sickness and in health.

Chiropractic is a particular and entirely different concept of living processes and conditions of the environment and its controls. The idea of neural dominance in the entire health picture especially characterizes that concept, -therefore the chiropractor’s efforts to maintain conditions of structural relations that will permit of adequate transmission of energy for appropriate functioning – – the sole means by which the environment may before (or be) maintained in a satisfactory state for healthy manifestation within the human body.

Chiropractic is non-therapeutic in principle. One doesn’t need to do anything but apply the principles of chiropractic to problems of health. It covers the field from top to bottom and all sides. The practice of chiropractic is in the application of its principles. Does that set any limitation upon the practice of chiropractic?

Practice is only limited by the understanding of the principles and the ability to apply them.” – from the book

Ratledge Philosophy Volume 1 Contents

Chapter I    An Overview
Chapter II   The Universe and Man
Chapter III   Life
Chapter IV  Science
Chapter V    Environment
Chapter VI   The Law
Chapter VII  Education
Chapter VIII Research
Chapter IX   Diagnosis
Chapter X    A Better Understanding of Words
Chapter XI   Cancer
Chapter XII  Public Information

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Second Edition


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April 16, 2014








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