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Palmer Chiropractic Green Books:
The Definitive Guide

Palmer Chiropractic Green Books: The Definitive Guide by Timothy Faulkner, Joseph Foley, and Simon Senzon is the most comprehensive book on the development of chiropractic. The book is 584 pages with more than 600 images printed in color. It is a philosophical, theoretical, and historical overview of the classic Green Books. The Palmer Chiropractic Green Books are the foundation of the chiropractic paradigm. The Green Books are the original source of chiropractic science, art, and philosophy.  The Definitive Guide was written primarily for the chiropractor, student, and Palmer chiropractic Green Book collector. 

The book includes historical details and core philosophical models from the early leaders of the Palmer Chiropractic School in Davenport, Iowa. The leaders include D.D. Palmer, founder of chiropractic, B.J. Palmer, developer of chiropractic, and the Palmer Chiropractic School faculty like John Craven, Mabel Palmer, James Firth, and R.W. Stephenson. The philosophy of chiropractic was originally defined by these chiropractors. The Definitive Guide includes concise overviews of the central ideas in each chiropractic Green Book. 

Palmer Chiropractic Green Book: The Definitive Guide is also the first comprehensive guide for Green Book collectors. The book includes a unique list of details with color cover images of 123 unique printings and editions of Palmer Chiropractic Green Books. Collecting Green Books is a way for chiropractors to learn from the past, own historical artifacts, and enjoy the camaraderie of being a chiropractor. The Definitive Guide takes Green Book collecting to a new level.

For an Introduction to Palmer Chiropractic Green Books: The Definitive Guide, please follow this link – Introduction

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Palmer Chiropractic Green Books: The Definitive Guide is the first book to define the Green Books in detail. It includes a theoretical overview and a historical perspective. The Green Books were published between 1906 and 1966. The books are not only the philosophical, scientific, and artistic basis for the profession but also physical artifacts. The Definitive Guide provides a comprehensive list of every edition along with ways to assess rarity and value. The book is a new way to interpret these classic texts for expert and novice.


Chapter 1. The Historical Context for the Green Books
Chapter 2. D.D. Palmer’s Early Chiropractic Writings
Chapter 3. D.D. Palmer’s First Two Books
Chapter 4. D.D. Palmer’s Final Book
Chapter 5. B.J. Palmer’s First Five Books: Volumes 2-6
Chapter 6. The Chiropractic Textbooks: Volumes 7-13
Chapter 7. The Humanities Green Books
Chapter 8. The Legacy of John H. Craven
Chapter 9. The Life and Work of R.W. Stephenson
Chapter 10. The Research Pamphlets: 1924-1933
Chapter 11. The Research Textbooks: 1934-1938
Chapter 12. B.J. Palmer’s Tomes: Volumes 22-29
Chapter 13. Volumes 32, 33, & 34
Chapter 14. Volumes 35 & 36
Chapter 15. Volumes 37, 38, & 39
Chapter 16. Green Book Collecting: Special Considerations
Chapter 17. Green Book Master List
Chapter 18. How to Value a Green Book
Appendix 1. D.D. Palmer’s First Published Writing from 1872
Appendix 2. D.D. Palmer’s Second Book
Appendix 3. A Brief Review by D.D. Palmer
Appendix 4. The Green Light Speech
Appendix 5. Book Condition
Appendix 6. Bibliographic List of Green Books sorted by GBMN
Appendix 7. The Science, Art & Philosophy of Chiropractic

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December 14, 2018


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3 reviews for Palmer Chiropractic Green Books

  1. Chris Waddell, DC – President, Oklahoma Board of Chiropractic Examiners (verified owner)

    Simon Senzon’s latest work is exceptional! I hope this book finds its way across our profession to help dispel myths and falsehoods spread from our colleagues about the Palmers and the Green Books. In the age of “evidence-based” practice this book of “evidence” and facts will help preserve our true professional history and help us realize the incredible work that our founders developed. Kudos to the authors for this fantastic and relevant book!

  2. Dr Patrick Sim, BSc. MChir. ACP, CEO Australian Chiropractic College

    This book is an exhaustive guide to the green books and also an exceptional history of the profession. I’ve been enthralled by a truly great work.

  3. doc john Conrardy, DC, LCP

    A most wonder full addition to understanding of the history and guide for the Palmer Green Books. A much needed resource in any Chiropractor’s library.

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