Mind and My Pencil


Mind and My Pencil is a compilation of J.R. Drain’s chiropractic writings from 1925-1956. Drain’s articles, pamphlets, and weekly letters to chiropractors are incredible. Part I of this book was originally published as Section III of the second edition of Chiropractic Thoughts (1946). Drain added many of his writings to the 1927 first edition. The writings are inspiring, thought provoking, philosophical, and filled with business and practice advice for chiropractors. Some of the essays were written to replace “disease tracts,” or articles used by chiropractors to educate patients about various diseases. The essays are about life, philosophy, chiropractic, and health. Two of the longer writings include a detailed essay on Nerve Tracing and a talk on Principles given at Palmer’s Lyceum in 1946. Part II of the book is comprised of two pamphlets, Why Majors Change and The Jim Drain System of Adjusting. Anatomical illustrations from Gray’s Anatomy (1918) were included in this edition. The illustrations help depict Drain’s theory of Majors as dynamic subluxation patterns in response to Innate’s  adaptations. By including Drain’s early writings on chiropractic along with his explanations of nerve tracing, adjusting, and majors in one book, the modern reader is offered a rare glimpse into the original principles and practices of chiropractic. The final part of the book was developed from several of his articles including an excerpt from the introduction to Drain’s unpublished 1956 manuscript, We Walk Again. The excerpt is extraordinary because it provides his autobiographical account, thanks to mentors, and final thoughts.

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Mind and My Pencil: Why Majors Change and Other Chiropractic Writings

“So, as I have made my effort at writing my books, of keeping my records, of making my moving pictures, and of keeping in touch with my patients through all of these years, it has grieved me no little to find that my profession was not willing to listen, nor to run the picture, nor to read the book. Men cannot progress without reading…”
– From We Walk Again, reproduced as chapter 14 in Mind and My Pencil

Mind and My Pencil Contents

Part I. Mind and My Pencil

Chapter 1. Letters of Psychic and Logic for the Mind and Soul
Chapter 2. More Chiropractic Thoughts
Chapter 3. Adjusting the Price of Professional Service to the Ability of the Patient to Pay
Chapter 4. A Little I.Q, for the Doctor
Chapter 5. Nerve Tracing
Chapter 6. Principles

Part II. Majors and Adjusting

Chapter 7. Why Majors Change
Chapter 8. The Jim Drain System of Adjusting

Part III. Other Chiropractic Writings

Chapter 9. Impressions
Chapter 10. The Romance of Chiropractic
Chapter 11. Looking Forward: To Greater Care in the Selection of Students
Chapter 12. Attention All Colleges!
Chapter 13. Hail The Pioneers: Greater Progress Than We Have Dreamed Awaits Us
Chapter 14. We Walk Again

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