D.D. Palmer’s fascinating life is explored-his early days as a school teacher in the midwest, a beekeeper, and a grocery store owner; his years as a magnetic healer and Spiritualist; and his career as the founder of chiropractic, which included public feuds with his son, his former students, and colleagues. D.D. Palmer: A Biography of the First Chiropractor is an important contribution to understanding the founder of chiropractic. The book draws upon the latest information available about D.D. Palmer’s life based on recent works of several chiropractic historians and analysis of Palmer’s written works. D.D. Palmer’s contributions to chiropractic theory are explored based on his many writings, beginning in 1872 to his final lectures, which were written down and updated around 1912 and 1913. The emergence of D.D. Palmer’s distinct theories and practices of chiropractic is set within the context of his tumultuous life.

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Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. D.D. Palmer’s Early Years: 1845-1873
Chapter 3. The Years Before Being a Healer 1874-1886
Chapter 4. Magnetic Healer: 1886-1888
Chapter 5. Davenport: 1887-1897
Chapter 6. Chiropractic: 1895-1899
Chapter 7. Chiropractic: 1900
Chapter 8. Chiropractic: 1901-1903
Chapter 9. Chiropractic: 1904-1906
Chapter 10. Pivotal Year: 1906-1907
Chapter 11. Oklahoma to Oregon 1907-1911
Chapter 12. Final Years 1911-1913
Appendix 1. D.D. Palmer Studies
Appendix 2: The Founder was Into the Literature Tables


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