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The Complete Chiropractor: R.J. Watkins, DC, PhC, FICC, DACBR by Stevan Walton includes the collected writings of one of chiropractic’s most innovative educators. Between 1942 and 1988, Watkins held multiple leadership and teaching positions at Lincoln Chiropractic College, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Life Chiropractic College, and Cleveland Chiropractic College – Los Angeles. In this 812 page text, Stevan Walton, DC, FICC, included all of Watkins papers as well as a short biography and some insightful commentary. The book is designed to help the modern chiropractor to understand and apply the art, science, and philosophy at a new level of mastery.

This book includes many original diagrams and dozens of articles published between 1947 and 2002. The book is 812 pages. Sections include; Watkins Biography, Professional Identity, Spinal Mechanics, Neurology, Subluxation, General Patho-physiology, Specific Conditions, Immunity and Vaccines, X-ray, and Rational Chiropractic techniques.

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Part I
A Chiropractic Life:

Biography Of R.J. Watkins, D.C., PhC, FICC, DACBR.
By Stevan Walton, D.C., FICC

Part II
The Complete Chiropractor: Collected Notes and Essays

1. Professional Identity

Chiropractic Explained – History
Why Chiropractic?
CCA Journal ’85
Proof And Acceptance
The Ingenious Trap
Diagnosis; Boomerang?
` What Do You Really Mean When You Say “Manipulation”
Commit “Hamartea”?
Don’t Miss The Boat
The Hunchback

2. Spinal Mechanics

Joint Function
Normal Spinal Dynamics
Appendix 1 – Kinesology
Upper Cervical Mechanics
Authorities Challenged Spinal Mechanics
Atlanto – Occipital Rotation
Normal and Abnormal Pelvic Kinesiology
Pelvic Mechanics and Effects
Antero-Posterior Spinal Curves
Compensations-Weight Bearing
Shoes And Ischial Lifts

3. Neurology

All Or None
The Vegetative System
Principles Of Nerve Activity
Reflex Mechanisms
Levels Of Reflexes
Applied Reflexes
Reflex Mechanisms Frequently Encountered
Neurology Tidbits
An Explanation Of Active And Passive Tremors And Why They Are Present
A Treatise On Trophic Nerve Impulses
Tissue Memory In Retracing
Cranial Nerves – Not Affected ???
Segmental Neuropathy
Spinal Kinesiology
Neurology Of Segmental Control: Aberrations & Ramifications
Temperature Regulation
Chiropractic—Bigger Than We Realized
Nerve Pathways Sketch
Cardiac Control Sketch
Recurrent Meningeal Nerve Sketch
Segmentation And Innervation Charts

4. Subluxation

Subluxation? What Is That?
The Little Bone — Out Of Place
Subluxation Terminology Since 1746
Side Effects Of Subluxations
The Great Ventriloquist
Monitoring Subluxation Inter-Relationship
Reversal Subluxation
Reversal Subluxation?
Unilateral Reversal Subluxation
The Mechanism Of A Subluxation
Pathology Of Intervertebral Subluxati0n (Outline)
Subluxation Terminology
Subluxation Definitions

5. General Patho-Physiology

A Basis For The Theory Of Medicine
Index Of Highlights (RJW Speransky Notes)
Sphincterismus And Sympatheticotonia- The Great American Disease
Inflammation & Repair
Vasodilation Neurology

6. Specific Conditions

Differential Diagnosis Of Arthritis
Cancer And Leukemia
Coccygeal Adjusting
Constipation – The Great American Obsession
Colon (Drawing)
Diabetes Mellitus
Muscular Exercise In Relation To Gynecological Problems
New Hope For Control Of Monthly Cramps
Ear Infection
Febrile Patterns
Don’t Fight Fever
Occult Vertebral Fractures
Gout And Chiropractic??
Treatment Of Post-Traumatic Head Pain
Wonders Of The Nervous System: The Kidney
Nephritis – Bright’s Disease
Management Of Kidney Problems
Kidney Sketch
Liver Trouble
Liver And Gall Bladder (Sketch)
Low Blood Pressure
Mercury Poisoning — Neurological???
The Migraine Key
A Chiropractic Explanation Of Migraine And How It Can Be Corrected
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Study Of Neurodystrophies Under Chiropractic Care
Slipped Disc? Sprain? Or Syndrome?
Sports Injuries
Wonders Of The Nervous System: The Stomach
Syphilis – A Nervous Syndrome???
Noisy Jaws (Temporo-Mandibular Joint Dysfunction)
The Upper Thoracic Complex

7. Immunity And Vaccines

Facts of Immunization
The Neurology of Immunization
The Immune System
Salk Vaccine And The Nervous System
WHY? Have Your Children Been Vaccinated?
Can You Answer The Vaccination Question?
A Science Rewritten for Factual Information
Rational Bacteriology

8. X-Ray

X-Ray Film Interpretation
X-Ray Analysis
Before And After Films, Paradox??
Pelvic Spinograph
Reversal Subluxation
Flexion / Extension Whiplash
Variations Of Whiplash
Cineroentgenography And Its Application To Chiropractic Education And Research
Spondylysis, Spondylolisthesis And Pseudospondylolisthesis
Spondylolisthesis Case History
Differential Vertebral Body Irregularity
Differential Diagnosis Vertebral Body Irregularity
Differential Diagnosis Pelvic Opacities
Bone Pathologies I
Bone Pathologies II
Typical GI Pathologies
Chest Films I
Chest Films II

Part III
Rational Chiropractic

The Chiropractic Technic of R.J. Watkins, D.C.
Introduction: Why Palpate?
Osseous Palpation
Muscle Palpation
Nerve Tracing
Spinal Examination
Leverage Technics
Postural Reflex Technics From The Top Down And The Bottom Up Introduction: A Challenge – Impossible?
Auricular Proprioceptive Postural Reflex Technic
Perianal Postural Reflex Technic
Case Management Monitoring Subluxation Inter-Relationship
Techniques Appropriate In Neuroses
Patient Self-Help The Finger Walk
Applied Neurophysiology; In Layman’s Language
A “Game” To Increase Child Development
The Neurological First Aid Kit
Comments By The Clinic Director (Therapeutic Exercise)
Exercise? In A Cast?
Appendix: Rationale Of Motion Palpation
Possible Confusions In Adjusting Subluxations
Leg Checks
Anthropology In Reflex Technics
A Treatise On Suboccipital Reflexes
Auricular Proprioceptive Reflex Technique
The Why Of Physical Examinations
Segmental Neuropathy Of Kinesiology

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