Fred Carver was born on April 24, 1882 and died April 24, 1947.

“The brother of Dr. Willard Carver, he received his first chiropractic adjustment at about the age of 24. Their mother was one of D.D. Palmer’s early patients. Fred Carver entered the Carver-Denny College of Chiropractic, Oklahoma City, Okla., in December of 1908. The school was operated by Willard Carver and his business partner, Dr. L. L. Denny. Receiving his diploma in July, 1909, he had charge of the school’s clinic for five years. Moving to Wichita, Kan. about 1914, he became associated with the Colvin Chiropractic College as a technique instructor. About two years later, he began to tour as a lecturer and teacher. In 1939, he presented a six-month course of resident instruction for the Nashville (Tenn.) College of Chiropractic, whereupon he was awarded an honorary Master of Chiropractic degree. Dr. Carver also received honorary degrees from Western States College of Portland, Ore., the Standard Chiropractic College of California, and Carver Chiropractic College. The National Chiropractic Association awarded him a certificate of merit for scientific research in 1937.

Although he published numerous articles and study notes, the compilation of his research is contained in the text The Postural Method of Chiropractic Diagnosis and Adjusting, which he published in 1934 and revised in 1938. This work presented a thesis that Carver claimed was new to the majority of chiropractors; namely, that health requires proper relationship and normal motion of all parts of the body in any position (posture) in which the body is required to function. Adjusting a vertebra to induce normal movement is quite different, he maintained, than adjusting the same vertebra to correct a subluxation. Carver felt that his viewpoint offered an opportunity for further research and development, and a means to standardize the various chiropractic techniques.” (Rehm’s Necrology, 1980)

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