In a letter to B.J. Palmer, T.F. Ratledge writes,

“Dr. Palmer, you know that I fail to agree with you in many details and also with Dr. Carver and likewise with many others, but, you will never find me at variance with you on the main issues, which to my mind is to keep Chiropractic from becoming confused with drugless healing in general and ultimately absorbed by its various cults through compromising legislation and compromise instruction such as the U.C.C. advocates in offering to prepare its students to pass medical examinations before the various State Medical Boards and to accept such legislation, which would be an admission that the Medical Boards were capable to examine Chiropractors and that our contentions of being a separate and distinct profession, whose principles are entirely apart from Medical and Drugless Healing, are merely subterfuges whereby we may go out and prey upon an ignorant and suffering public.

If Chiropractic is not all that we claim for it in its relation to therapy, then it is nothing and we are imposters of the rankest kind and laws should be passed which would force us to attend “regular” therapeutic schools and be responsible to therapeutic examiners in the various states, then, on the other hand, if we are honest with ourselves, and God forbid that we not be, we should not be traitors to the suffering people who need Chiropractic and to those who have entered the profession upon our representations that Chiropractic is a Science and not Therapy.”

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