Chiropractic Case Study: Dementia

Case No. 3136-Female-Age 20. Vermont Entrance Complaints: Dementia praecox (medical diagnosis 1944) Has considered suicide, in the past. Lacks concentration and ability to study. Heavy feeling in arms, legs, and fingers. Constipation. Menstruation delayed. Tired feeling. Any mental strain will upset what she has already gained.

Entered Clinic March 31, 1947. Daily Case Reports: April 1st: Neck felt better for several hours following adjustment. Head slightly clearer.

April 3rd: Though there is a similar amount of fatigue, there is more naturalness about it. Feels good to sink down in chair, with head back and just sit.

April 8th: Slightly improved. April 10th: I feel that gradual gain is being made all the time.

April 11th: Menstrual period here — one day early — after being late each time for over two years. During the past year, lack of concentration apt to be more pronounced just before the menstrual period. Noted this only less than a full day in advance, this time.

April 16th: Feel gradual gain is being made all the time.

April 19th: I felt improvement over when I entered Clinic three weeks ago. Know, with things headed in the right direction as you now have them, improvement will increase steadily. Before leaving, I wish to join ranks of so many in expressing gratitude for the endless help you give here. Dismissed from Clinic April 19, 1947.

Following report received from local Chiropractor,

December 20, 1947: “Case No. 3136, in Clinic March-April, 1947, reports steady improvement in every respect. Has had one adjustment since leaving Clinic-soon after she arrived home-and has held very good ever since.”

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