Normal and Abnormal Pelvic Kinesiology

R.J. Watkins presented “Normal and Abnormal Pelvic Kinesiology” at the 19th Annual Symposium of the National Council of Chiropractic Roentgenologists in Denver Colorado. Watkins gave the “Waldo E. Poehner Honorary Lecture.”

He summarized the talk as follows: Historical evaluation varies from gross sacroiliac “slips” in all directions to complete immobility. Controlled, repeated surveys indicate that weight bearing induces sacroiliac flexion. Walking alternates these joint flexion extensions. Trauma may induce a relative “fixation” into either unilateral flexion or extension. Physiological compensation is similarly accomplished. Occasionally a symptomatic problem arises from bilateral sacroiliac hyperflexion which is difficult to evaluate. Repeated trauma, if not totally corrected, will build up a “normal” distortion as a confusing “base” for a new symptomatic problem. Thus, a single position study is not infallible, and requires verification by postural aggravation and relief of symptoms. These many facets of evaluation improve he accuracy of listings and enhance the results of correction.

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