In 1953, B.J. Palmer wrote,

“THE PSC owns and operates its own cafeteria. It was opened April 16, 1920. In the year which followed we served: 10,950 gallons of soup. 200,750 pounds of meat, or over 100 tons. 3,285 bushels of potatoes. 9,125 gallons of brown sauce. 31,025 gallons of milk. 3,500 gallons of 30% cream. 21,900 pounds of butter. 13,688 gallons of salad. 54,570 loaves of bread. 7,800 pounds of coffee; or 23,400 gallons. 16,200 dozens eggs; or 54 dozen daily, or 194,400. 503,872 meals. 30-1/2 cents average cost, per meal. 131,313 customers at cigar and candy stand. 12-7/10 cents average sale. 37,256 customers at soda fountain. 16-7/8 cents average sale. 612,441 total of customers. This approximates 1,700 customers daily, doing a monthly business of $14,800, and an annual business of $177,086.

The PSC students and families have on deposit an average of $3,000,000 in the banks. They spend $5,000,000 a year while attending school.
The PSC has a full-time, full-pay faculty staff; and, in addition, five full-time teachers. Its pay-roll exceeded $175,000 in 1920, or over $3,365 per week.
We grant that there is not another professional school, of any kind, that is anywhere near as large, that has faced the odds, fought the
circumstances and done without state taxation or private endowment.
There are few, if any, professional schools WITH taxation or endowment that have reached the size that we are. What is it then that this institution has done that has taken it out of the mass and placed it in a class by itself?
My father discovered a principle. I developed that principle. No matter how great that discovery or how wonderful the development if not sold it does nobody good and might as well be back in the womb of time.

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