Is Chiro a Real Science?

A letter dated April 15, 1911 was written by C.C. Howell, D.C. of Denver, Colorado. It answers the question, “Is Chiro a real science?” Howell gives an emphatic YES and then gives a few points that provide a fresh perspective from the early field of chiropractic. Here are a few quotes,

“Many M.D.’s of high standing in their profession have abandoned their medical practice after obtaining from Chiropractic adjustments health for themselves or some member of their family that medicine and surgery had utterly failed to give and are now devoting themselves to the practice of Chiropractic methods with such marked success as to cause them to be thoroughly enthusiastic over it. A number of medical doctors were classmates of mine at the Palmer School Chiropractic who are now practicing Chiropractic, and they are among the most ardent advocates of Chiropractic with whom I am acquainted. One short week at the clinic of The P.S.C. would furnish you more proof that Chiropractic is a remarkable science than I could possibly give you by letter, even if I had time… In my practice I have repeatedly proved the exactness and reliability of the science of Chiropractic as taught by B.J. Palmer at The P.S.C., often by results obtained utterly astounding my patients and surprising myself as well. For instance, with a single adjustic thrust I have often INSTANTLY relieved the extremely difficult breathing of asthmatic sufferers completely, and when I say instantly, I mean it in every sense of the word. Had I time I could cite you case after case of various ailments in which equally astonishing results have been obtained in my practice. Of course, in long standing chronic cases, it takes time to effect permanent cures, but that permanent cures do result from the adjustments when persisted in regularity for a sufficient length of time is attested by every properly educated and trained Chiropractor now in practice, and the number of such is now reaching into thousands.”

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