On This Day in TIC History – April 13, 1931

In a letter to Dr. Chas. Kettering, B.J. Palmer answers some questions about a series of cases published by the PSC in 1930. In reply to the first of 14 questions, which was about the average length of care per case, B.J.,writes,

“Chiropractic consists of a knowledge of the cause of dis-ease; a working understanding of where the interference is; the location of that interference; the position of the subluxated vertebra, and the working knowledge of the ability to adjust it; when not to adjust it.When that has been done and the transmission restored, the chiropractor has done all he can do as a chiropractor. It does not take long to do that. Beyond that it is entirely within the province of Innate to get the individual well. An interference may be restored in two or three weeks, which may take the individual tow to three months to get well.”

In reply to question 4, B.J. explained his newest model, whereby one adjustment would raise or lower multiple spinal thermographic readings. That one is the major.

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