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TIC Trialogues 1: Faulkner & Foley

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TIC Trialogues 1: Part 2

September 13, 2023

Delve deeper into chiropractic’s origins in the second half of this discussion discussion with the Faulkner, Foley, and Senzon. Learn how Oakley Smith’s meticulously preserved records provided groundbreaking insights into D.D. Palmer’s early teachings and practice. Discover how Palmer’s decision to license students to teach chiropractic immediately created divisions. Gain perspective on the transition from magnetic healing to chiropractic and Palmer’s pioneering students. A fascinating glimpse behind the scenes at ongoing revelations reshaping our understanding of chiropractic’s beginnings.

Key Takeaways:

  • Oakley Smith’s manuscripts revealed his authorship of Modernized Chiropractic
  • Smith’s notes unpack D.D. Palmer’s techniques and theories
  • Letting students teach chiropractic quickly led to competing variants
  • Magnetic healing persisted longer in chiropractic than commonly thought
  • Palmer’s first students came from diverse medical backgrounds
  • Ongoing research keeps unearthing surprises about the early days