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Arno on Embodying Chiropractic's Vision

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The Path Leading Forward

December 12, 2023

The second half spotlights the immense yet untapped potential for chiropractors to transform lives and consciousness. Arno shares his own profound personal transformations via chiropractic, spanning his worldviews on the body, healing, media, and more. He charges chiropractors to uphold a minority movement reclaiming purpose – adjusting subluxations to liberate greater expressions of life. This, Arno contends, is where meaning and impact reside.

Key Takeaways:

  • Beyond pain relief and symptoms, chiropractic can profoundly elevate lives
  • Reclaim identity by addressing subluxations, freeing Innate to flow
  • Transform health consciousness and empower embodiment
  • Adjustment allows greater life expression; this is the source of meaning
  • Uphold vitalistic lineage to lift and enlighten through nervous system care