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Part 8: Emergence of Stephenson’s Triune

October 24, 2023

In this lecture, Dr. Simon Senzon provides an in-depth look at the origins and evolution of chiropractic’s triune of life model, how D.D. Palmer’s early conceptualizations evolved into Ralph W. Stephenson’s principles. He examines D.D. Palmer’s paradigm and use of “triune,” B.J. Palmer’s developing triune concepts, and how early chiropractors began integrating triune ideas. The talk highlights Stephenson’s coining of “life is a triunity” and principle of the triune of life, with its three factors of intelligence, force, and matter.

Key Takeaways:

  • D.D. Palmer’s triune perspective carried into the 1920s
  • B.J. Palmer’s diverging triune models and theories in his writings
  • The progression of triune concepts from B.J. to his students
  • Ralph Stephenson’s principles of the triune of life and time
  • How the triune of life emerged as a solidified chiropractic concept