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Part 2: Spine Transformations – My Methods for Pinpointing and Correcting Severe Spine Curvature and Injury

February 22, 2024

Dr. Pierce shares many patient cases – from injuries to severe scoliosis and hunchback curvature. With precise adjustments and his evolved analysis approach, he achieves dramatic transformations. He passionately argues that chiropractors must have the skill to find subluxations and carefully adjust them – with clear before and after proof. He also discusses key factors like understanding the impact of adjustments across spine regions.


Key Takeaways:

  • Severe spine curvature and injuries can be dramatically transformed
  • Clear before and after proof validates adjustment approaches
  • Must determine most constructive vertebrae to adjust
  • Understanding impact across spine regions critical for results
  • True mastery involves continually advancing skills and diligence