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Part 2 – Examples of Fallacies

January 25, 2024

In this continuation, journey deeper into applying critical thinking to chiropractic literature. See additional examples as Simon meticulously diagrams arguments, rebuts flawed premises, and identifies fallacies committed, from the prominent argument under analysis. Gain further skills for sound reasoning and detecting subtle weaknesses. Learn about a the landmark Morikubo chiropractic trial, what likely transpired, and how key facts were misconstrued over time. A compelling look at how misinformation propagates and why scientific rigor and clear logic matter greatly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Observe step-by-step breakdowns of arguments from a notable paper
  • Understand techniques for evaluating validity and spotting lapses in logic
  • Study real-world fallacies identified across acceptability, relevance, structure
  • Examine early evolution of key chiropractic concepts like subluxation theory
  • Get clarity on a pivotal 1906 trial and how details were misreported since
  • Recognize the importance of reproducible methodology in profession’s literature
  • See why precision with scientific facts is vital for progress and unity