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Part 2 – Dialogue with Arno

January 14, 2024

Expand your philosophical perspectives as Arno Burnier delves into the conceptual distinctions between Sherman College and Life University in part 2 of this riveting discussion. Gain insights into the diagnostics debate that divided these iconic institutions and their mixed implications. Learn about Arno’s Masterpiece Training camps crafted to ignite the hearts of philosophical warriors. Appreciate the lineage of wisdom passed down from his mentors’ mentors all the way back to D.D and B.J. Palmer. Most importantly, absorb Arno’s contagious passion for chiropractic’s vitalistic roots and his urging to fiercely preserve this unique, powerful healthcare approach.

Key Takeaways:

  • Differences in philosophical views between Sherman College and Life University
  • The diagnostics debate dividing the two schools
  • Arno’s motivations for developing the intense 6-day Masterpiece camps
  • The crucial need to uphold vitalistic principles in practice
  • Tracing the direct lineage back to B.J. Palmer and early innovators
  • Arno’s dedication to advancing a congruent vitalistic message