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Part 2: Allowing Birth to Unfold & Trusting Innate

February 8, 2024

The second part explores the disturbing elements of technologically-driven hospital births contrasted with intimate, instinctual lovemaking. It advocates for undisturbed home births with minimal interventions. Topics include issues with lighting, sound, restricted movement in hospitals, and disrupting the hormonal birth progression. Arno passionately argues we must trust the innate bodily wisdom that creates new life, with birth unfolding as a spiritual, sexual, and emotional metamorphosis.

**Our apologies for the quality – we remastered this as best we could.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hospital births can be overly medicalized
  • Environmental factors are important in birth spaces
  • Natural hormone progression should not be disrupted
  • Birthing instinctually, without coaching
  • Profound spiritual and emotional transformation
  • Must trust the body’s innate intelligence