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Part 14: Contemporary Chiropractic Triune

October 24, 2023

This TIC talk, explores how contemporary chiropractors continue to build upon the foundational Triune concept. One complex example is Sue Brown’s pioneering work linking subluxation to unintegrated experiences stored as dissonant tones in the body. Sinnott’s use of triune is described. This final talk also explores possible research on the chiropractic triune beginning with a Boone and Dobson’s model for empirically investigating the triune through studying interference to mental impulse and dis-ease. Adrian Wenban’s proposal to research the triune’s impact on growth mindset and behavior change is also highlighted.

Key Takeaways:

  • Brown’s potential energy model of subluxation advances the triune theory
  • Boone & Dobson’s triune research framework could be applied to triune research
  • Wenban’s proposal to study patient communication is described
  • The need for developing critical studies is emphasized