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Part 10: Ideas Leading to Reggie’s Triune

October 24, 2023

This TIC talk traces key philosophical threads leading up to Reggie Gold’s seminal work on the triune of life. Learn how early 20th century chiropractic thinkers like Drain, Ratledge, and Harper integrated core chiropractic principles like tone, transmission, and innate expression in their own triune models. Discover connections between these pioneering theories and DD Palmer’s original concepts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Insights into lesser-known triune models from DD Palmer’s students
  • Understanding the ubiquity of triune models across chiropractic
  • Appreciating the evolution of ideas and culture shaping the triune
  • Linking terminology like tone, transmission and expression over time
  • Contextualizing Reggie Gold’s work within a rich history of chiropractic thought