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Part 1 – Dialogue with Arno

January 14, 2024

Relive the energetic early days of chiropractic education through Arno Burnier’s firsthand accounts. From donning bellbottoms at Sherman College to becoming immersed in philosophical debates nightly, Arno describes the singular passion and camaraderie amongst the “hippie” students and teachers in the close-knit movement. He shares unique stories that shed light on figures like Reggie Gold and captures the essence of the prevailing mentality that placed innate intelligence and vitalistic healing at the forefront. This intimate discussion provides a window into the foundations that shaped Arno’s perspectives in practice and life.

Key Takeaways:

  • The electric atmosphere and tight-knit community at Sherman College in the 70s
  • Reggie Gold’s influence as a beloved teacher shaping the philosophical emphasis
  • Principles like trusting innate intelligence even when health conditions appear concerning
  • Early days developing his intuitive “making love to the spine” technique
  • Stories demonstrating the profound healing possible with subluxation-based care