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Exploring the Chiropractic Waves of Ideas

June 2, 2014

Key Personalities and Events in Chiropractic History

In part two of this lecture, Simon Senzon provides insights into the historical context and significant figures from chiropractic history. The discussion spans various periods, focusing on the evolution of chiropractic philosophy and practice. The concept of “Gen/Wave model” is introduced to identify distinct waves in chiropractic history, with a spotlight on the pivotal third wave.

The year 1927 emerges as a crucial juncture, marked by the publication of influential books by Ralph Stephenson and Jim Drain. The latter’s book, which offers a more accessible approach to teaching chiropractic principles, is highlighted for its value. Focusing on BJ Palmer, Simon explores the many challenges faced by chiropractors, including legal battles and intraprofessional conflicts. The introduction of the NCM (Neurocalometer) is noted as a turning point in standardizing objective chiropractic assessments.

Throughout the discussion, a nuanced understanding of the interplay between philosophy, practice, economics, and personalities is conveyed. The listener gains insight into the dynamics that shaped the chiropractic profession and the complex relationships among its key figures. The lecture offers valuable context for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of chiropractic history and its various waves of development.