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Shaping Chiropractic’s Evolution

June 2, 2014

Transforming Chiropractic History, Education, and Philosophy

In this historical overview, Simon explores the transformative period of chiropractic’s early days, marked by a struggle for control between medical and chiropractic factions. A pivotal shift occurred with the introduction of Basic Science laws, requiring aspiring chiropractors to pass science exams formulated by faculty at medical schools. The “mixer” side of the profession shifted to a more medical education. For example, Budden organized courses at Western States to address these challenges, offering science courses by embracing the new standards. Simultaneously, Nugent played a significant role by crafting the first official CCE standard, influencing chiropractic education with emphasis on mirroring medical education. The division between “straight” and other factions within chiropractic led to the deepening split between the ICA and ACA.

Helping the profession to understand this complex history spurred the creation of an early incarnation of TIC, formerly known as the International Institute for Chiropractic Education (IICE). The aims of IICE and now TIC is to offer accessible online education on chiropractic history and philosophy. IICE was developed as a tiered approach to include certificates and fellowships for those who choose to explore the comprehensive courses and contribute to chiropractic literature. This initiative strives to empower chiropractors to comprehend foundational principles and actively engage in the profession’s growth. Overall, this period’s struggles and organizational developments have shaped chiropractic philosophy, education, and practice. TIC continues this legacy through accessible education and scholarly contributions.