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  1. Introduction of the Chiropractic Generations at the New York Chiropractic Council in 2013

    Introducing the Chiropractic Generations
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Introducing the Chiropractic Generations

September 28, 2013

The Chiropractic Generations are a Historical Lens

This lecture explores the intricate history of chiropractic philosophy and its influential figures. The speaker, Simon Senzon, traces the evolution of chiropractic through different generations, emphasizing the significance of understanding its origins to navigate its future. The lecture unveils the lesser-known pioneers like J.E.S. Drain, who collected anecdotes about D.D. Palmer’s character and anticipated a gradual societal transformation through chiropractic. The narrative shifts to Claude Watkins and John Nugent, pivotal figures in shaping chiropractic education standards, as well as Weiant, who contributed to the profession’s growth.

The talk also highlights the depth of philosophy found in Ralph Stephenson’s text, which explores the central elements of the philosophy of chiropractic. The challenges faced by chiropractors during legal struggles are illuminated, including the resilience displayed through BJ Palmer’s “keep smiling” slogan. Simon also explores the intertwining concepts of Innate Intelligence, Universal Intelligence, and Educated Intelligence, emphasizing their importance in chiropractic philosophy.

The essence of the talk is how we might move through different eras, connecting figures like Reggie Gold, Thom Gelardi, Virgil Strang, and others who have contributed to the progression of chiropractic. Ultimately, the transcript underscores the need to preserve and transmit chiropractic philosophy to the next generation, ensuring its enduring influence on the profession and individual lives.