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Part 6: B.J.’s Evolving Triune Models

September 20, 2023

This TIC talk explores how B.J. Palmer developed numerous triune models from 1907-1922, continuously revising his theories on concepts like creation, transmission, expression, cycles, and more. We gain insight into the philosophical discourse between B.J. and D.D. Palmer, including critiques of each other’s triune articulations, demonstrating the ongoing evolution of these foundational chiropractic concepts over time.

Key Takeaways:

  • B.J. created models involving creation, transmission, expression; cycles; time
  • He integrated new scientific ideas on electricity, neurology, and cycles
  • B.J. revised Vol 1, removing D.D.’s name and updating with new theories
  • D.D. critiqued B.J.’s models as distortions while creating his own
  • Tracing the ongoing growth of triune theories counters claims that the philosophy is static or dogmatic
  • The discourse between B.J. and D.D. helped refine and articulate the paradigm