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Part 5: The Evolution of B.J.’s Triune Models

September 20, 2023

This talk explores the evolution of B.J. Palmer’s early triune models, starting with D.D. Palmer’s critiques of simplistic “triune” concepts, moving through B.J. Palmer’s articulation of the triad of “creation, transmission, expression” in 1907-1909, and expanding to include additional triune formulations like “force, matter, time” up through 1916.

Key Takeaways:

  • D.D. Palmer rejected early “triune” concepts as too reductionistic, preferring more complex and embodied models
  • B.J. Palmer built on D.D.’s work with models like “creation, transmission, expression”, capturing both physiological and philosophical aspects
  • B.J. continued to evolve his triune concepts, introducing new formulations like “force, matter, time”
  • These early triune theories laid the groundwork for later developments like the “Triune of Life”
  • The philosophy and models were not fixed, but evolved through discourse, research, and clinical practice