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Part 4: Tracing the Triune Models from D.D. to B.J.

September 20, 2023

This lecture elucidates how B.J. Palmer branched off from his father’s triune concept to develop his own evolving models of the triune. We gain insight into B.J.’s Green Books and how he revised and expanded on his theories over decades, integrating new ideas on concepts like cycles, energy, and creation. Understanding the lineage from D.D.’s paradigm to B.J.’s diverging perspectives provides context for the philosophical debates within chiropractic.

Key Takeaways:

  • B.J. published his “Green Books” articulating original triune theories as D.D. was criticizing him from afar
  • D.D.’s paradigm included innate intelligence, matter, and energy united through the nervous system
  • B.J. developed numerous triune models incorporating vibration, electricity, time, etc.
  • B.J. continuously revised his volumes, integrating his evolving ideas
  • Tracing the growth from D.D.’s and B.J.’s ideas provides grounding for current debates on subluxation, philosophy, and chiropractic identity