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Part 3: D.D. Palmer’s Triune Perpsective

September 20, 2023

his lecture, chiropractic historian Dr. Simon Senzon traces the development of D.D. Palmer’s conceptualization of the triune, which formed the core perspective underlying his chiropractic paradigm. We gain insight into Palmer’s philosophical influences, his use of “triune” and shift to “triplet”, and the moral reasoning behind his vitalistic approach to health centered on innate intelligence, matter, and universal forces expressed through the nervous system.

Key Takeaways:

  • His triune perspective unified science and spirituality through chiropractic
  • Palmer read extensively on topics like magnetism, Spiritualism, osteopathy
  • He considered chiropractic a moral duty to allow innate expression
  • Palmer shifted terminology from “triune” to “triplet” in his writings
  • His paradigm integrated diverse ideas into a new vitalistic approach