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Philosophy in Practice: Liza Cherubini

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Dialogue with Liza Cherubini

December 11, 2023

TIC Practice Tips:

  • Hire staff who reinforce the philosophy
  • Have confidence in care plans for lifetime care
  • Don’t focus on symptoms, focus on tone
  • Give patients a bigger vision of what’s possible
  • Take time to deeply listen to patients
  • Make connections to help patients see the big picture
  • Trust in the body’s messages and the healing process
  • Share philosophy tidbits appropriately over time
  • Remain non-judgmental about patient behaviors
  • Communicate philosophy while adjusting

More About Liza:

Dr. Liza Cherubini is a family chiropractor, speaker and educator in Red Bank, N.J.
She has dedicated her life to serving people at the highest level through vitalistic chiropractic care. A vitalistic approach to chiropractic looks at the entire person and not merely the parts or symptoms.  With this approach, there is a greater healing and consciousness shift that takes place with the chiropractic adjustments.  It is her personal mission to help awaken and heal humanity by providing chiropractic care.  
Dr Liza graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in the San Francisco bay area in 2011.  In addition to her advanced training in chiropractic school, she has completed the ICPA program (International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association) to advance her knowledge in working with pregnancy and kids.  She is certified in the Webster’s technique.  She has advanced training in BioGeometric Integration which allows the practitioner to work with the body as an integrated whole and increase the refinement and effectiveness of the chiropractic adjustment.  
She has also been a yoga practitioner for the past 20 years, and studies yoga and chiropractic philosophy. She and her husband Dr Casey Cherubini have two amazing children, Sophia and Clara Grace.