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Dialogue with Graham Dobson: Part 2

November 12, 2023

In this next part of the dialogue, Graham shares his experiences teaching at Sherman College in the late 1970s and helping to start the Southern California College of Chiropractic in the early 1990s. Learn how Dobson connected with chiropractic genius, Ralph Boone, and helped spark foundational subluxation research. Gain insights into the growth of the profession through schools, accreditation, and advances in science and philosophy.

Key Points:

  • Dobson’s time on the Sherman faculty in the late 1970s
  • Assisting with the launch of Southern California College of Chiropractic
  • Forming a friendship and collaborating with Ralph Boone
  • Sparking early subluxation research at UCLA and UC
  • Navigating chiropractic accreditation and politics
  • Reflecting on the advancement of chiropractic philosophy and science